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I'd like to take this opportunity to show my satisfaction and happiness with Seoul N Tours. My friend and I joined a ski tour on Dec 31st (Miss Lee picked us up at Tria Hotel, Gangnam) and we had so much fun. The instructor and guide Miss Lee was very professional. She was very patient and she taught us very well when it was our first skiing experience. After we left the couch she would even introduce us some good places in downtown to hang out. We were very impressed and pleased about this professional and cheerful attitude and thus I'd like to recommend this tour to everyone. I'd definitely refer it to my friends if they go to Seoul. Thank once again.

- Carol Yu (Hong Kong)


I came to visit to Korea with my family in last January and decided to engage Soul N Tour for arranging our trip to Nami Island and Ski Resort.
Long story short, our trip was memorable since all activities were carried out in accordance with the plan. Last but not least, our trip would not be as enjoyable as we think it was without being guided by a very kind and helpful tour guide named Ms. Sunmi. My family was happy with the trip. Thank you Soul N Tour :)

- fnsafitri (Jakarta, Indonesia)


We are already arrived in Malaysia.
We would like to say THANK YOU @ KAMSAHANIDA @ TERIMA KASIH especially to Seoul N Tour for guided us during our vacation in Seoul.
Special thanx to Mr. Eric and Ms. Gina for the guidance..
I give special credits to Ms. Gina for her kindness, responsibility and good communication skills.
I believe i will come again because i fall in love with the culture and weather in Korea
This is my 3rd times came to Korea!!
I will come again during this December 2015.
Maybe i will use Seoul N Tour services during this December
Thank you for your concern and cooperation 
Send my regards to Ms. Gina and the bus driver too

- Hafizi (Malaysia)


I would like to write in to commemorate the excellent service provided by SeoulNtour that you have assigned – Mr. Brian, the tour guide, to visit Mt. Seorak on 30 April 2015.  We have a wonderful and memorable trip.
We are blessed to have – Mr. Brian, to be our tour guide and a careful polite driver - John? during our tour.
We appreciated, Brian, for his caring and patience for the seniors who were slow in pace and knowledgeable history of Mt Seorak.
He was very professional and efficiency in ensuring everyone in the group was comfortable along the journey.  Also his service was impeccable, he goes beyond the call of duty and his best to arrange lunch where everyone can fit into the same meal, as some of us unable to eat pork/beef/lamb.  It was a challenging task for him but he did a great job.  The entire travel experience we had was the most pleasant, which was made possible with the cheerfulness, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and care rendered by him during the long journey.  It was very accommodating of our last minute request to drop us off at Hanok Village instead back to our Hotel.
We knew that traveling in group would have a lot of pros and cons, and each of us was to accommodate to a wide range of personality and expectations from each member from all walks of life. But we had no idea that a single tour leader with a caring personality, careful craftsmanship and patience would change our perception of group traveling forever. If there's another chance, we would want to travel with SeoulNtour with Brian again.
Please convey our best wishes and share our compliment dedicated to him.  We will miss him as well as Korea.
We will be back.

- Mei / Canny / Jasmine / Angie / Christina & Lynda (Singapore)


I have recently returned to the UK.
I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent organization of the tour. In particular, Monica - our tour guide - was really helpful and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed my day out to the DMZ.
Thank you for arranging this and the transportation which was prompt and very well arranged.
I will not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

- David Saunders (UK)


Sorry it took me a long time before sending this email. I have been busy since I got back from Korea. I would just like to thank you, Janet, Gina and Mister Driver for the two tour days we had with you. My friends and I enjoyed our tours with you. All of you are very kind. Again, thank you!
Best regards,

- Angeli (Philippines)


Good Afternoon, in behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for the wonderful experienced you've offered us. We truly appreciate Ms. Gina, our assigned tour guide, she's very kind, helpful, and generous in sharing the historical events in the places we've visited.
And your rate is reasonable enough for this kind of trip. I would definitely recommend you to my friends. Just keep your price reasonable so that many tourists will enjoy Korea like us.
Once again, thank you. We are looking forward to visit Korea again because of our great experience..:)

- Maricel (Philippines)


I just wanted to thank you for arranging our ski trip! My friends and I really enjoyed it, send my thanks to Monica too! She was such a fun tour guide, she was very patient in teaching us how to ski and was also very entertaining to talk to. She gave us lots of info about Seoul and even helped us to arrange our DMZ tour!
Send my thanks to Gina too for the very informative DMZ tour! 
I didn't get the names of the guys who drove us but please do extend our thanks to them too!
We'll definitely recommend your tours to our friends who will visit Korea.

- Anna, P and Jhem (Singapore)


We know that it is been quite a while since we came and visited Korea. However, we guess that there is no "too late" for saying this.
We were very happy to join the tour and having Sunmi (선미) as our tour guide. She was very nice and helpful to us. She always put her smile and treated us well. She was thoughtful towards us especially my mom. :)
We will always remember this pleasant trip. 
Thank you for the trip and send our warm regards to Sunmi. If we have a chance to Korea again, we are sure to contact this company again and will recommend this company to anybody who is willing to make a memorable trip to Korea. 
Good luck for the company and its members.
Last but not least, we attach our picture taken with Sunmi. Please kindly share the picture to her.
Thank you and regards,

- Fahriza (Indonesia)


* All the package tours provide guide, driver, admission fee, lunch (except half-day tour) and vehicle.
* The departure places of all the package tours are in Seoul only.
* Pick-up time will be different as your hotel location and could be delayed due to the traffic jam.
* The tour itinerary may be changed by the weather/ traffic/ local conditions.
* Payment can be made by cash or credit card (except Korean issued card) on the tour day.
* We have no responsibility for your incidents and loss by personal carelessness during the tour. Please be aware of your belongings and follow
  the tour guide’s direction.

* Cancellation & Refund
- Cancellation without charge can be until 15:00PM 2 days before (Except overnight Tour). Afterwards, you will be charged a 50% of total amount
  as cancellation fee.
- Before the tour begins, if we can’t progress the tour by natural disaster, we will refund 100% of pre-paid amount.
- After the tour begins, if we can’t progress the tour by natural disaster, there will be no refund. Instead, we will progress an alternative tour.

* Overnight Tour
- For overnight tour booking, we need deposit as a 50% of total amount in advance.
- Balance can be made on the 1ST tour day.
- Cancellation between deposit day and 2 day prior, a 50% of total price will be charged as cancellation fee.
- Cancellation in 1 day prior or on the tour day, a 70% of total price will be charged as cancellation fee.

** Notice for Winter program
- Please follow the staffs’ and tour guide’s directions or signs during ski tour.
- Please do not act in personal during the tour. (Injuries of carelessness : the responsibility lies on tourists.)
- Lunch is not provided for ski tours and ski day in overnight tour.
- Before the tour begins, if we can’t progress the tour by heavy snow or natural disaster, we will refund 100% of pre-paid amount.
- After the tour begins, if we can’t progress the tour by heavy snow or natural disaster, there will be no refund. Instead, we will progress an
  alternative tour.
- Wearing Ski suits is mandatory in ski resort as casual wears are easy to get wet and weak in wind which may make you get a hypothermia or
- Ski suits are optional since many customers bring their own. If you don’t have your own, you can rent it at the ski shop on the tour day.
- Option (Additional fee) : Ski Suit rental, Ski Lift ticket, Extra Ski lesson, Snowboard gears rental, Snowboard Lesson

** Korean Ginseng Center
Korean Ginseng Center where get certified by the government is in the itinerary of all package tours and we will stop by the center in Seoul for about 15 ~ 20 minutes.

The customers can get the information of Korean ginseng and purchase the Ginseng products or take a look around the center freely.




Myeongdong Street

This is one of the primary shopping districts in Seoul. The two main streets, one starting at Myeongdong Station and the other across Lotte Department Store by Euljiro 1-ga Station, are lined with shops. The various Hallyu-related items and events attract large crowds of visitors. Myeongdong Cathedral, which is the main Catholic Church in Korea, has English mass on Sundays at 9am.


Insadong Antique Alley

To experience the traditional culture of Korea while remaining in the heart of the city, visit Insadong. With art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, traditional tea houses and restaurants, Insadong is for visitors who want to experience traditional aspects of Korea. The area is especially popular for antiques, old paintings, ceramics, paper crafts and traditional furniture. The 70 or so art galleries in the area also make Insadong ideal as a cultural attraction. In 19999, Queen Elizabeth II visited the area and heaped praise upon the artworks.


Namdaemun Market

Just a few minutes from Namdaemun Gate (Soongryemun Gate), is an open-air market of the same name. The market’s history traces back to the Joseon Dynasty and since then has become the most widely known market place of Korea. Namdaemun Market is the nation’s wholesale center where almost anything and everything can be found.


Dongdaemun Market

Modern clothing malls have sprung up among the long-established older markets. The Dongdaemun Market area has become famous for department store-quality clothes at more affordable prices. Modern shopping malls such as Migliore, Doosan Tower (Doota), Hello Apm and Lotte Fit-in attract many young people.


Gwangjang Market


Gwangjang Market was the country’s first daily market and continues to thrive as a popular tourist destination to this day. Silk, satin, linen and traditional wedding items like Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and Pyebaek (wedding food that brides prepare for their future in-laws) are available at low prices. Additionally, the food carts, especially Bindaetteok (Korean-style mung bean pancake) and Gimbap (Korean rolls) are most popular.


Korean Ginseng

Ginseng was originated from Goryeo ginseng and the cultivation began at the age of King Gojong (1232) of Goryeo dynasty. Upon the breakout of Korean conflict the people of Gaeseong (the origin of ginseng) refuged to Ganghwado Island and began to cultivate the ginseng on a full scale in 1953. Ginseng is sensitively influenced by the weather and the earth soil with severe environmental difficulties and so Korea is considered the most appropriate land of the world and Ganghwado Island is confirmed of the best cultivation land for a 6-year-root of ginseng.
Although ginseng contains plenty of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, its health benefits cannot fully be explained without saponins. The saponins in ginseng are usually referred to as ‘ginsenosides’ in order to differentiate them from the saponins found in other vegetables such as garlic, onion, and bellflowers.
Ginsenosides boost immunity, help reduce the signs of stress, and increase blood circulation. Many studies have shown that ginseng also helps fight cancer, improve liver functions, and slow down the aging process.


Cosmetic Duty-free Shop

Korean entertainment stars and their wild popularity in Asia led to the coining of the term, ‘Korean Wave,’ a phenomenon that has even affected the Korean cosmetic industry. Korean cosmetics began gaining fans worldwide apart from the Korean Wave, due to products’ high quality and reasonable prices.
Many efforts have been made to reduce the usually expensive price of cosmetics: simplifying packaging and reinventing the distribution process. Consequently, Korean cosmetics have gained steady popularity among women around the world in recent years.
Korean cosmetics have made steady inroads into Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and, even, the United States. At this rate, it’s feasible that Korea could even be at the very top of the international cosmetics industry in the near future.


Amethysts Center

Korea Amethyst is the best quality in the World, ‘Cause, natural environments of Korea are perfect to grow the best quality amethyst. Korea peninsula is based on granite and yellow earth while the other countries, product Amethyst, are based on limestone and cement. Therefore, Korea Amethyst grows with heavy pressure in many longer hours than the others. That ‘causes intensity of amethyst almost double and transparent of color better than the others.
Korea Amethyst is not only beautiful but also has medical effects. It’s been believed as a healing stone and used as a tranquilizer and adetoxicant for decades by Korean ancestors (according to the oldest Korea medical book ‘Donguibogam’, make fine powder of amethyst and take it as a medication).


Gim (Dried Seaweed)

Gim (김, dried seaweed) is a regular side dish in Korea. It’s crisp and tasty and is often seen sprinkled atop a range of dishes, adding its own unique flavor and texture.
Gim is made of seaweed that grows around rocks on the ocean floor and is dried into a rectangle. Produced in the clean water surrounding the Korean Peninsula, it is the ultimate nutrient from the sea. Gim is produced from late December to mid-April and is considered to reach its peak, in both taste and nutrition, in the winter.
Traditionally, only two countries enjoy gim as part of their regular diets. The Japanese enjoy gim (commonly referred to as ‘nori’) as a snack between meals or with drinks. Korean gim—which is thinner and glossier than nori—has received much enthusiasm from Japanese food connoisseurs.
Gim is becoming popular in other regions all over the world for its unique aroma, texture, and shape and is lovingly referred to as ‘black paper’ overseas.
The nutritional value of gim has furthered the food’s overseas reputation as a number of western countries have begun marketing it as a health food/diet food. Gim exports have steadily increasing over recent years, joining the list of Korean items (like ginseng and Kimchi) that have become very popular items internationally.


Duty-free Store

If you have your passport and airline ticket, you can enjoy shopping at discount prices. Duty-free stores in airports and key downtown areas as well as online duty-free stores offer popular domestic and foreign brand-name products and souvenirs.
Duty Free Korea stocks famous electronic products, clothes, leather goods, chocolates and much more. Here travelers can find the finest Korean souvenirs and are pressed for time can head to the 'fast shopping corner,' which has a selection of gift items. Duty Free Korea also has outlet stores which offer even greater discounts.

(Korea Duty-free Store / Donghwa Duty-free store / Lotte Duty-free store / Shilla Duty-free store)