Make Yourself VIP ! (VIP Individual Escort Tour !)
- You Can Customize The Tour Just For Your Group -

We hope the tour gives you much pleasure and lasts longer as a treasure moment in your life!

- Do you have special places to go?

- Do you want to have your own tour? But you don’t know well about the places you want to go?

- Do you want to try some special Korean food or buy some special Korean products?

- Do you want special tour only for you?

Please contact us any time so that our professional staffs will provide the best services.

Make your own plan with Visit Seoul Tour.
The tour only for you will be made comfortable and safe with our staffs that have various experiences over 10 years.
We provide various tours with experienced guide, accommodation and vehicle for you by planning satisfied tours with our own know-how.

Make yourself comfortable and relax with us who make all arrangement where you go, where you stay and what you eat.
< Private Transportation & Guide >

- For all of private tours, we always provide Transportation & Guide together except Airport transfer service and
   shopping only tours (we can provide vehicle only).

- If you need vehicle only or guide only, please send your inquiry to us.

- The charges for transportation are based in Seoul city including Vehicle, Driver, Gas but it is not included Toll,
   Parking fee, Meals & Accommodation for driver (in case of overnight tours at province).

- The charges for guide are based in Seoul city including tour guide services but it is not included Meals &
   Accommodation (in case of overnight tours at province)

- The charges are not included tax. If you need to issue a tax invoice, VAT (10%) will be added on below charges.

- The charges are based minimum 4 hours and if you need over 4 hours, the charges for 8 hours will be applied.

- There are additional charges if you need the services more than 8 hours.

- Cancellation by customer or natural disaster on the tour day, 50% will be charged as cancellation fee.


* Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibus (19 seats)


- The most comfortable riding by minimizing fatique

- The best vehicle for VIPs with middle or long distance

- Optimal Air conditioning system

- High quality performance with safety, comfort and space