Rise and Shine Tour

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** Accommodation : Tourist hotel in Geojedo

** Deposit : 50% of total cost is required until at least 14 days prior (for peak-season, at least 1 month prior)

** Balance : 50% of total cost can be made by cash or credit card on the 1st tour day


** Please enquire at least 14 days prior (for peak-season, at least 1 month prior)


** This area is called Napoli in Korea


** This program would be a romantic choice for couples


** Since this program includes boarding the boat, tour itinerary may be changed due to the weather condition


** Peak-season : 24th Jul. ~ 16th Aug.



Geojedo Island & Oedo Botania 1N2D Tour
Available Everyday

TOUR SPOT Provincial
DURATION Pick-up (around 06:30) ~

Transportation, Tour guide, Admission fee, Hotel, Breakfast (1), Lunch (2), Boat ticket

PRICE - Weekday

KRW 520,000 p/p (3 ~ 4 person)
KRW 430,000 p/p (5 or more)
KRW 360,000 p/p (Child : Age 4 ~ 10)
KRW 690,000 p/p (in case of 2 person)

- Weekend / Holidays/ Peak-season

KRW 550,000 p/p (3 ~ 4 person)
KRW 460,000 p/p (5 or more)
KRW 390,000 p/p (Child : Age 4 ~ 10)
KRW 720,000 p/p (in case of 2 person)

▶ Itinerary

1st day : Hotel (Seoul) pick-up - Rest in Highway - Stop by Jinyang Lake Park - Geojedo Island - Lunch - by boat - Haegeumgang Rocks - Oedo Botanic Island - Dadaepo Port (fish market) - Hotel check-in (Geoje)

2nd day : Breakfast(Hotel) - Sinseondae Cliff - Haegeumgang Theme Museum - The Hill of Wind - Mongdol Stone Beach - Lunch - to Seoul - Hotel (Seoul)

▶ Highlight of Tour

* 1 night 2 days tour including accommodation
* Provide transportation & guide (English or Chinese)
* Payment : a deposit needs until at least 14 days prior to the departure day
* Pick-up at your accommodation
* 1st day, we will pick you up at the accommodation in Seoul and go to Geojedo Island via highway. (takes 4 hour 40 minutes)
* Take a rest at Jinyang Lake Park in the middle of way
* Arrival at Geojedo Island and have a lunch (included)
* Take a boat and enjoy Haegeumgang Rocks in the sea
* Arrival at Oedo Botania Island and visit unique botanic gardens (No food allow)
* Go back to Dadaepo Port by boat and visit Fish Market
* Have a dinner by yourself (not included) on the way to the hotel. The guide will find a proper restaurant for you as your preference of menu
* Hotel check-in (3+ class hotel, included breakfast) and take a rest
* 2nd day, after breakfast (included), pick you up to go to Sinseondae Cliff with a beautiful view of small islands in South Sea
* Visit Haegeumgang Theme Museum and The Hill of Wind where has been filmed location of soap opera
* Go to Mongdol Stone Beach which has made of little black stones naturally
* Have a lunch (included) and depart for Seoul
* Drop-off at the accommodation in Seoul

▶ Information of Tourist Attraction

  • 경복궁

    Geojedo Island is Korea's second largest island with breathtaking scenery. At Jangpyeong-ri, simply pass the great bridge and you will be led directly to Geojedo Island, which boasts the bulk of the South Sea's tourist attractions. Haegeumgang, Mongdol Beach and Oedo Paradise Island are the most popular sites among them.
    Haegeumgang, an island made of rocks, belongs to Hallyeo Marine National Park and is also called the Geumgang of the South Sea. It is famous for both its sunsets and sunrises, and its unique rock formations. Also, Hakdong Mongdol Beach, made of pebbles called Mongdol, has camellias and fairy pits in spring, and comes alive as a beach resort in summer.
    Oedo Paradise Island, which recently became a popular site, is called the ‘Paradise of Korea’ because of the 3,000 kinds of decorated trees and the Mediterranean style buildings that stand upon this 264 km2 land. This island is a poplar site for filming soap operas due to the combination of the exotic atmosphere and sea.
    Geojedo Island is historically a significant place. Memorial services are held annually in memory of General Lee Sun-Shin at the Okpo-daecheop (war) Memorial Park, built in memory of the battle of Okpo (1592.5.7 - 5.8). Geojedo Island also had the biggest prisoner-of-war camp during the Korean War, and the camp has been restored as a historical relics’ site.

  • 수문장교대식

    As one of the best sights in Geojedo Island, Geoje Haegeumgang is called the Geumgang (Sea Diamond) of the South Sea. As a rock island, Haegeumgang belongs to Hallyeo Marine National Park, which is assigned as an official green area in South Korea.
    Its original name was Galgotdo, because it is shaped like the spreading roots of arrowroot. These days it is known as Haegeumgang, meaning Mt. Geumgang in the sea. The most stunning scenery of Haegeumgang is the sunset and sunrise and can be best viewed on Ilwollbong Peak or Lion Rock.
    There is Shipjagul Cave in the center of Haegeumgang, which one is 100m long from east to west and 180m long from south to north. It has been called Shipjagul (meaning ‘cross’ in Korean) Cave because it looks like a cross when viewed from the sky. If you go on the tour, you will be fascinated by the height of the rock walls and the inside of the cave.
    A long time ago, scholars expressed their yearning for the beauty of nature by writing and reading poems they wrote on sailboats with a bowl of makkoli (rice wine) in their hands. When you take a ship around the island, you’ll be fascinated once more because of the great works such as the Maitreya Rock, which reflects on Eunjin Maitreya, Candlestick Rock and the 1,300 year old guardian pine tree of Haegeumgang.

  • 수문장교대식

    Oedo is an island of Geoje city. There is a marine western-style botanical garden in Hallyeo Marine National Park, built by Lee Chang-ho and his wife when they settled on the island in 1969.
    In the past, Oedo was just a barren island made of rocks. There were no facilities for electricity and telephone because of its isolated location. Only eight households lived in Oedo. It was quite inconvenient to access the island because of the lack of a dock in early times after independence of Korea.
    Lee Chang-ho and his wife created this breathtaking landscape for 30 years. Now there are Camellias and various kinds of rare flowers in the Garden from all over the world.

  • 수문장교대식

    Sinseondae Observatory offers picturesque views of the fantastically shaped rocks against the deep-blue ocean hues. "Sinseon" in Korean mean supernatural beings; the beauty of this spot is said to attract such beings to come frolic.
    The blue and yellow colors layered in the rocks tell a unique history of the terrain. A stairway from the road leads directly to the lookout point. Walking out onto the rocks of Sinseondae, views of the surrounding islands and incredible landscape open up to viewers.
    Many commercials and TV shows have been filmed here taking advantage of this amazing setting. April and May are the perfect times to see the bright-yellow rapeseed flowers across the island.

  • 수문장교대식

    The Hill of Winds is located South of Geoje island. If you see the scenery at the bench on top of the hill, you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean.
    Near the hill there are lots of camellias. Also the hill is a starting point for passenger ships to Oedo island or Haegeumgang sightseeing. Around the harbor you can smell and taste the fresh seafood from Geoje island.