Rise and Shine Tour

< NOTE >


** You can rent optional items at the ski shop on the tour day.

** Optional items (additional fee)

- Ski suit rental : KRW 15,000 per set
- Ski goggles rental : KRW 10,000 per piece
- Snow sledge rental : KRW 10,000 per piece
- Snowboard gears (Deck/ Binding/ Boots) rental : KRW 30,000 per set
- Snowboard lesson : KRW 30,000 per person per hour (more than 2 person)
- Ski lift ticket (half-day) : KRW 50,000 per person




MBC Dramia & Ski Day Tour
Available Everyday (Beg. of Dec. ~ End of Feb.)

TOUR SPOT Seoul City / Vicinity
DURATION Pick-up (around 07:30) ~ 17:30

Transportation, Guide (instructor), Admission fee, Lunch, Ski gears (Ski/ Poles/ Boots) & gloves rental, Basic ski lesson (about 1 hour)


Optional items for skiOptinoal items >>>

PRICE * Special Event Price

KRW 148,000 138,000 p/p (3 ~ 4 person)
KRW 135,000 125,000 p/p (5 or more)
KRW 135,000 1255,000 p/p (Child : Age 4 ~ 10)
KRW 165,000 158,000 p/p (in case of 2 person)

▶ Itinerary

Pick up - Yongin MBC Dramia - to Ski resort - Lunch - stop by Ski Shop - Gangchon or Jisan Ski Resort - Enjoy Skiing - stop by Ski Shop - to Seoul - Korean Ginseng Center - Drop at the hotel

▶ Highlight of Tour

* Full day tour including lunch
* Provide transportation & guide (English or Chinese)
* Payment : by cash or credit card on the tour day
* Pick-up at your accommodation
* Go to Yongin MBC Dramia where is famous Historical Drama filmed location such as "Daejanggeum", "Jumong","Isan","Dong Yi" etc.
* Go to Jisan Ski Resort for skiing
* Have a lunch with Korean local food
* Stop by ski shop to rent gears or optional items and arrival at ski resort.
* Enjoy skiing for 2~2.5 hours in the resort with beginner ski lesson and take ski lift (optional) to down the slope if you can
* Stop by ski shop to return the rentals
* Go back to Seoul and stop by Korean Ginseng Center.
* Drop at the hotel

▶ Information of Tourist Attraction

  • 경복궁

    Yongin MBC Dramia was co-created by MBC and Yongin City in August 2005. Located in Yongcheong-ri, Baekam-myeon, MBC Dramia is an open set having a total area of 29,421㎡. Different from other drama sets, Dramia has been re-created based on historical records and very accurately reflects the structures and culture of ancient times. Dramia has served as the filming location for popular Korean historical dramas such as Jumong, Queen Seon-deok, Isan and Dong Yi.


  • 수문장교대식

    The Jisan Forest Resort, which opened in December 1996, makes for the perfect one-day trip from Seoul and is covered with beautiful white pines.
    A second reconstruction to the resort was completed in 1999, opening an intermediate/advanced slope (1.5km), Korea’s first 6-person high speed ski lifts, and a world-class half-pipe and half-pipe ski lifts. These renovations elevated Jisan Forest Resort to one of the best leisure complexes in the metropolitan area.

    The Jisan Forest Resort’s state-of-the-art snow management system works to overcome the weather near the Seoul area and sustain great quality snow.